Street style small leather black bag is hand-painted. Trendy graffiti art technique. Рarody of the Supreme logo. High-quality bag and paints

A small bag in the form of a bag is hand-painted using trendy street art technique. Each bag of sneakers is unique, so you will receive the only copy in the entire world. The iconic logo of the Supreme brand is applied to the bag, mocking the blind worship of brands. The painting is carried out with high-quality paints made specifically for the skin.The painting lasts for at least three years with intensive wear. As a base, a Furla MIASTELLA bag or a similar bag of the same brand is used. Furla is a premium handbag brand from Italy with almost a century of history.

Unique design, quality and trendy street style come together in this bag.

Acrylic on leather

Private collection
Russia, Moscow